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BBB Group is not your average events & entertainment company. It all started in 2008 with a father and son duo, (Otherwise known as the Black Box Boys) who started on a mission to save a local school disco. Not content with a normal setup, the wow factor became the central focus, making the impossible possible.


In 2017 the BBB Group was born to better reflect the changing stance of the company. With several smaller companies and divisions born at the same time, it ensured a focused identity no matter who the customer was. One of these the; event production arm "Event Production Live" can make your wildest event dreams come true. With their live sound, lighting, staging, special effects, and event safety, you can rest assured that your event will be lit (literally).


Fast forward to now and the BBB Group are full-blown events entertainment logistical powerhouse delivering whatever - whenever. They've got everything from shows to activities, bespoke projects and creations to custom decor and entertainment.

We love what we do but mostly we enjoy "Taking Fun Seriously". See you on site...

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