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Kites Connect Festival - Dunstable Downs

This year we are pleased to be aiding the National Trust in organising the Kites Connect Festival. This will take place on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August 2024 - 10am - 4pm each day.

Kite Flyers & Groups:

Here at the BBB Group our motto is "Taking FUN Seriously" we love what we do and want to make it as enjoyable for you as it is for the general public, we're no kite experts so any tips, advice on what makes a great event for you is appreciated! Drop us a call on 08000869695 (Ext1) or

Your advice has shaped the below, so we hope it works for you!

We are actively seeking Kite Flyers of all shapes and size that can display and fly kites. In addition anyone that has interesting kite ground displays, historical artifacts (kites or kite memorabilia) or even wants to lead a workshop or talk.

There are 2 100m Square Arenas, 1 for Inflatables and those wishing to fly larger static kites & an arena for scheduled displays and flying including stunt & ballet groups and those who wish to demonstrate there single lines or other pride and joys. We have notam clearance up to 140m, in addition to the arenas, there is space separately for general public flying, local stalls, catering and childrens craft and workshops.

Arena 1 - Scheduled Display Arena

This arena is 100mx100m

Roped / Bunting on all sides, space on one side for groups/individuals who wish to have a base of gazebos/tents etc.

A program will be arranged of those wishing to fly ballet displays, or specific talks/displays of historic/interesting/specialist kites.

There will be several "freefly sessions" throughout the day for professionals/enthusiasts to display on a turn up and fly fist come first served basis.

The Display Arena will have a sound system for talks/commentary and music as required. 

General public are not permitted to fly in this arena, there is a toilet for exclusive use of flyers in the arena.

There is a toilet for exclusive use of flyers in the arena.

Arena 2 - Inflatables and static kites

Cars are permitted into this arena for tethering, providing they are in the arena before 10am and are not permitted to move from the arena till 4pm at the earliest.

There will also be 4 One Tonne IBC ballast for tethering around the arena as needed.

One side of each arena will be clear for group tents/stands/gazebos if needed
General public are not permitted to fly in this arena

There is a toilet for exclusive use of flyers in the arena.


Camping/Caravans/Motorhomes are permitted to stay from 4pm on Friday through till 6pm Sunday.

There is fresh water point and an elsan point on site.

Please note this site is permanently open to the general public, (car parks close at 5pm) there is overnight security for the safety of arenas and onsite equipment, however you camp at your own risk.

Space is limited so camping must be booked in advance on the form below or by emailing

Please note no BBQs are permitted on site and there is no electric hookup.


All flyers / those displaying kites should carry a minimum of 5Million Public Liability Insurance. This can be arranged though a club, however proof of club membership will be required.


The main aim of the festival is to allow the stunning site to be used and accessed by members of the community and Kite Flyers are part of this. Whilst we can't offer large fees, there is a small budget to allow for travel expenses, and other costs involved in displaying.

We are looking at offering food system for flyers, those that are actively booked in can order from a list of items and have it delivered to them, at there kite/base. (meaning they dont have to leave kites unattended) We are still finalising the details of this, but are excited to offer this unique service.

To sign up and attend please fill in the quick form here:

Alternatively if technology isn't for you, drop us and email or call on the details above and we'll get it all noted down for you.

We can't wait to fill the sky with colour as we connect kites with the community!

Kite Flyers / Attractions Booking Form -

Stalls / Concessions

Please see form for details, and to request a space.

Please note due to the community nature of this event, we are NOT accepting bookings from commercial stalls or any form of funfair ride, inflatables or children's rides. Due to the existing National Trust contract the bookings for Ice Cream Vans have already been filled.

Local stalls or those with produce such as homemade products (food or craft) are acceptable.

Stalls Booking Form -

Contact Details:

Darren Woodhouse

Production Manager

08000869695 (Ext.1)

07813578852 (Whatsapp or text are both fine!)


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